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Ogetto Otachi & Co. Advocates

OGETTO, OTACHI AND COMPANY ADVOCATES is a full-service law firm that serves clients across Kenya. Recognized for its legal acumen, professional approach and commitment to solving clients’ legal and business problems, the serves a portfolio of clients that include businesses, investors, governments, public sector organizations, non-profit organisations and individuals.

About Our Firm

Legal Solutions

The touchstone of our practice is our lawyers’ expertise, depth of experience and skilled advocacy. We ensure they keep abreast of the dynamic and changing business environment, are conscious of the interaction between law, policy and business changes and are committed to employing the most effective legal strategies to address your needs.

Our Approach

Our clients come first. As a result, we strive to understand each client’s unique problem, suggest and offer customized solutions, communicate frequently, and ensure that every legal solution and strategy we recommend is practical and effective.

To bolster our approach we:
  • Employ high calibre staff and ensure they continuously work to update and bolster their skills in a chosen area of practice
  • Assign work to qualified, competent and experienced lawyers while ensuring a partner has overall oversight
  • Study and understand the client’s goals, evaluate these against the law and suggest and offer practical and effective solutions
  •  Establish and agree on clear communication procedures that speed up decision making and delivery of services
  • Regularly request, evaluate and respond promptly and positively to clients’ feedback
  • Develop cost-effective solutions. Largely, we base our fees on the Advocates (Remuneration) (Amendment) Order 2014 and strive to advise clients about the cost implications of our services in advance so that they have time to plan and budget.

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